Star Wars: The Old Republic officially leaves BioWare for new devs

Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic looking menacingly

Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic looking menacingly

BioWare is officially no longer working on Star Wars: The Old Republic anymore. After twelve years, the beloved MMO has changed hands, moving to long-time MMO studio Broadsword.

BioWare general manager Gary McKay revealed in a statement that Broadsword will continue to keep the game updated over time as the original devs move onto new projects.

With BioWare now working on new Mass Effect games as well as Dragon Age 4, the studio is freeing up resources to focus on its larger projects. As such, Broadsword will not deal with the majority of new development on Star Wars: The Old Republic, with BioWare helping out when needed.

“While EA will remain SWTOR's publisher, development of the game will move to our partner and friends at Broadsword, a boutique studio with expertise in managing online games,” McKay told fans.

Since the announcement that BioWare would have its Star Wars MMO taken away, fans immediately believed the game would be closing down. Much like other MMO games, fans believed that the game would enter maintenance mode with no new content coming to the title. That is not the case.

In a forum post, executive producer Keith Kanneg explained that the game still has new story and endgame content planned up to 2025. Since launch, the game has seen frequent expansions and new missions for players and even massive tech overhauls, and more is coming.

“We've upgraded the game to 64-bit, and are working on moving the servers to the cloud, and there are more content and tech updates on the way,” Kenneg explained.

The current daily player count of Star Wars: The Old Republic is estimated to be around 220,000. While substantially less than the 700,000 minimum daily players of World of Warcraft, the Star Wars MMO is still an incredibly popular title with thousands of paying players every month.

Since launch, Star Wars: The Old Republic has brought in over 12,000,000 players, and it’s still finding new fans a decade after.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently available exclusively on PC. The game runs perfectly on any modern PC, and is Steam Deck compatible.

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