Star Wars Outlaws will have numerous story outcomes, but only one ending

star wars outlaws will have numerous story outcomes but only one ending
Credit: Ubisoft

star wars outlaws will have numerous story outcomes but only one ending
Credit: Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaws is promising to be a huge open-world adventure for fans of a galaxy far, far away. While it will let gamers play the way they want, there won’t be a moral choice system and there’s only one ending.

The game’s developers were interviewed by Star Wars Explained and asked if multiple endings were possible. Although players can make various choices in the game that can result in unique alliances, there’s only one thorough ending.

Not having multiple endings in Star Wars Outlaws is inline with what the devs previously stated about the game. Fans were promised that the game wouldn’t take over their lives like other open-world titles. The overall length seems to be about 50 or 60 hours, which is a lot but it could be longer.

Player choice will still be a major factor in the game, it just won’t affect the main story. Outside of the plot, players can have Kay Vess make an alliance with the Hutts or even betray them. These actions also have in-world consequences, as the Hutts can send bounty hunters after Kay.

Alliances aren’t the only gameplay aspects players have a choice in. The interview also revealed that players have some control over customizing how Kay Vess looks throughout. We can probably expect multiple costumes in the game, though most fans want to see her sexy droid friend without clothes.

Star Wars Outlaws is the first major open-world game in the franchise but it will still have plenty of nostalgia, for better or worse. Tatooine is one of the confirmed planets players can explore in the game, because of course it is. Fans were also promised that the game would feel like a part of the original trilogy, complete with weapons and goggles looking like ‘70s sci-fi.

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Currently, no release date has been announced for Star Wars Outlaws. Expect it to hit current-gen consoles sometime next year.

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