Star Wars Outlaws planets are huge handcrafted environments to blast through

star wars outlaws planets are huge handcrafted environments

star wars outlaws planets are huge handcrafted environments

Star Wars Outlaws is easily the biggest game of the franchise. Fans knew we would get a huge open-world but the developers have now revealed there are multiple handcrafted planets for players to explore.

During an interview with EDGE magazine (covered by mp1st), Creative Director Julian Gerighty said each major planet was handcrafted by the developers. Each area was made from scratch and there will be no procedurally generated sections in the game.

Players will reportedly have full freedom to explore in Star Wars Outlaws, with each planet being the size of two hub areas from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The open-world AC games are pretty big and developers have said traveling through each planet will feel like a journey.

Traveling won’t be too freeing for player character Kay Vess. While you can hop between multiple planets, there are set specific areas for taking off and landing, unlike No Man’s Sky. While there are a number of ways to traverse each planet, you won’t be able to just use the spaceships whenever you want.

Gamers also have some freedom with Vess’ ally Nix. You can’t t control him directly, but you can command the little alien to attack enemies and reach areas that Kay can’t. This alien has been described as a mix of BD-1 from the Star Wars: Jedi games and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

Although this is a new game, the devs at Massive Entertainment are aiming to make things feel a bit nostalgic. No cameos have been confirmed but the game is aiming for a ‘70s sci-fi aesthetic since the story is between Empire and Return. Vess’ starship is also based on some of the ‘70s Star Wars toys.

Fresh off the release of Jedi: Survivor, Star Wars Outlaws is aiming to be less like Dark Souls and more like GTA. The open-world and traveling options are a huge indicator of that, as is the choice to use a normal human with laser guns. Her droid companion, ND-5, already has his fair share of fans for unexpected reasons.

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Star Wars Outlaws has no release date at the time of writing but it’s coming out on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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