Star Wars Jedi: Survivor devs talk about the game's best boss fight

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor devs talk about the game's "best" boss fight Rick the Door technician

If you have played Jedi: Survivor you might have already encountered this particular boss fight. After a particular tense section, players go up against the dangerous and terrible Rick the Door Technician. Naturally, this is a boss fight placed in that particular spot only to provide relief from tension, as the developers themselves recall designing it.

In an interview on IGN, the developers recall how the fight came to be. Cal Kestis in that particular moment in the game, is almost close to spent. After a huge fight, Cal is in an Imperial base with little to no life and no energy, also making things even worse, no checkpoints in sight.

Suddenly, things get tense again: a energy boss bar quickly fills up. What is going on? Indeed, from right around the corner Rick the Door Technician shows up, dressed in full-on Stormtrooper garb. He comes running at the player and, after a quick lightsaber to the chest, goes down right away.

"We thought it would be funny if there was one last guy left to fight, like a 'last stand' sort of enemy. He would come charging down the hallway towards the player, full of confidence, and die in one hit", explains Jonathan Wright, lead encounter designer.

The reaction of the Star Wars community to the character was one of immediate acceptance of love. Indeed, we might be right in saying Rick the Door Technician is perhaps one of the most beloved character to come out of Star Wars games in the last few years.

Wright also reacts to the community's instant love saying, "I knew that players would like him after seeing the team’s reaction towards him, but I never imagined he would explode in popularity to this extent."

Indeed, Rick has been popping up a lot in fan fiction, even being modded in other games in the franchise and there have also been little Machinima-style videos with him as the main character.

With fans asking to see more of this character, Wright says that the team is content enough as it is. "Let players have fun with it and let people be creative with Rick’s backstory in their own minds". We probably won't be surprised if Rick makes his ways into future Star Wars games, honestly.

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