Star Wars Episode I Racer makes 3D artist Clint into Cu-

star wars episode I racer jar jar binks in the podracing game

star wars episode I racer jar jar binks in the podracing game

Are you old enough to have played the Star Wars podracing game in arcades? Whether you are or not, I bet you didn't envisage it one day being remastered, having its font changed, and thereby making the game you worked really hard on calling you a rude word - but that's what's happened.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user named 'Fun_General_6847' created a thread on the website highlighting a strange anomaly on the Star Wars Episode I Racer credits, which is the fact that all of the names look wrong. Really wrong.

In the thread, Fun_General6847 posts a screenshot of the game's credits that shows how the remastered version of Star Wars Episode I Racer uses a different font from the original arcade and N64 release of the game.

The font seems to be too large for the names and, as can be seen in the image, it makes 3D animator "Clint Young" into... well, you get the idea. "Lisa Wong" is also recast as "USA Wong."

While users are getting a good laugh out of these weird names, 'segagamer' points out that this isn't a kerning issue (kerning refers to the space between letters in typography).

"It's something wonky in the rendering or the engine or just a wonky typeface," segagamer says. "The 'I' doesn't seem to be centered anywhere for example."

It's strange that this issue is only being noticed three years after the Star Wars Episode I Racer remaster was released to PC and modern consoles.

Regardless, we'd love to get to the bottom of what's going on here, and why poor Clint's hard work on the game only came back to bite him in the... credits.

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