Star Wars: Episode 10 will be set after Rise of Skywalker with returning characters

The Skywalker Saga continues with Star Wars: Episode 10. While fans of the franchise were almost universally disappointed with 2019’s Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm is reportedly planning a continuation of the controversial sequel trilogy.

In a deep-dive by The Hollywood Reporter, key details were revealed for Star Wars’ next entry. Described as a “secret” project, the new movie aims to redeem the sequels with an all-new storyline.

Damon Lindelof’s Star Wars: Episode 10

In the report, it’s stated that the next mainline entry in the Star Wars franchise is underway. According to multiple sources, the new film will be a standalone story that will feature “some of the characters” from the sequel trilogy.

The new project is being helmed by Damon Lindelof, known for Lost and Watchmen. Lindelof is collaborating with The Counterpart writer Justin Britt-Gibson for the new movie. However, they do have additional help for the film’s story.

THR reports that work started on the new film just two weeks after Star Wars Celebration 2022. A secret writers room was comprised of Lindelof, Britt-Gibson, Obi-Wan producer Rayna McClendon, Patrick Somerville, Andy Greenwald and, most importantly, Dave Filoni.

The film is still deep within the writing process with no planned release date. Furthermore, Episode 10 is being created as a standalone movie instead of a proposed trilogy. However, depending on its critical and commercial success, sequels may be greenlit.

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The best direction to go?

Many fans have expressed a desire to leave the timeline of the sequel trilogy and jump far further into the Star Wars timeline. Each era of Star Wars has been vastly different from one another — High Republic, Prequels, Original Trilogy — except for the sequels.

With the Sequel Era being extremely similar to that of the OT, fans have expressed a desire to jump years on and see a new technological state for the Galaxy. However, with Lucasfilm heavily relying on original trilogy fan service for the franchise’s current era, we may not see that jump anytime soon.

Nevertheless, there is still hope that the franchise will evolve. Lindelof’s film is not the only Star Wars project in the works. For example, Taita Waititi has his own movie as well as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

There’s a large future ahead for the Star Wars franchise, a future as unstoppable as the series’ past.

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