Star Wars art book shows inside look at Galaxy's Edge

An upcoming Star Wars book from publisher Abrams shows an inside look at the work which went into creating Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney’s Star Wars themed park, Galaxy’s Edge opened in 2019. The book includes artwork from the design process for Galaxy's Edge's location, the planet Batuu

Originally reported by Polygon, Author Amy Ratcliffe includes concept art from parts of the park that were created. IT also includes numerous ideas left on the cutting room floor. 

Ratcliffe also includes several quotes from the visual design artists within the book, the most prominent of which was Erik Tiemens. 

Millennium Falcon

Ratcliffe reveals in the book that one of the biggest challenges in building the park was correctly placing the iconic Millennium Falcon. 

Then CEO of Disney Bob Iger reviewed the plans ahead of building the park: “He looked at the model of the land in progress and said, ‘Do me a favor. Just don’t bury the bird.'"

One of the focal points of the park, the team behind designing and placing the ship didn’t want it sat in any random location. Instead, the team hoped attendees would discover the ship for themselves. 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge shows the Millennium Falcon placed at numerous points throughout the park. Ultimately, the team settled on placing it high above in Batuu’s petrified trees. 

There’s also a number of details about features and elements that didn’t make it into the park.

At one point the team had planned to include several characters roaming the park and interacting with guests. This included an elephant-sized animatronic named Elee which would have circled the park offering rides. 

Galaxy’s Edge also details shops and attractions that didn’t quite make the cut. This included a spice den filled with aliens and Twi’lek dancers, although this was likely cut because of Disney’s PG approach to the Star Wars universe. 

The Art Of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge releases next week on Tuesday (April 27). You can find out more about the book here.

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