Star Trek: Resurgence boldly warps on PC and console this May

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Dramatic Labs’ upcoming Star Trek: Resurgence game is releasing at warp speed on consoles and PC. After months of secrecy, the upcoming narrative sci-fi game has a brand-new release date.

Releasing on May 23rd, 2023, Star Trek: Resurgence boldly takes players into an all new storyline set after the events of The Next Generation. The interactive story will see players engage with new and familiar characters aboard the U.S.S Resolute in an important diplomatic mission.

In Resurgence, players will take control of First Officer Jara Rydek to help resolve an ongoing worker conflict between two civilisations. However, there may be something sinister about this ongoing situation.

Star Trek Resurgence release date gameplay showing two starfleet officers flying a shuttlecraft
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Star Trek: Resurgence’s stylised visuals are quite pleasing to look at

Alongside playing as First Officer Rydek, players will also experience time as Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz within the Resolute’s lower decks. Just how is this situation affecting the Federation starship and how is the actual crew dealing with the issues?

Details are still rather sparse on the upcoming Star Trek game, likely due to its strict narrative appeal. After all, you wouldn’t really want to play a story you’ve already learned about, would you? Let the surprises come!

Throughout the adventure, you’ll be able to make huge, sweeping choices that determine the outcome of the entire story. Not only will your choices alter the course of the game’s narrative, but also the Star Trek universe as a whole. Now we just need to find out which choices are canon.


Alongside sweeping choices, ethical dilemmas and puzzles, there also appears to be some degree of combat within the game. New screenshots show phaser combat between numerous enemies, and it looks thrilling.

An image showing Star Trek: Resurgence combat with one starfleet officer hiding behind a crate as phaser fire commenced
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Developer Dramatic Labs claims that the new adventure will allow you to “interact with the Star Trek universe like never before”. With barely any new games in the series since 2013’s dismal Star Trek: Into Darkness tie-in game, we’re just hoping it’s good.

Star Trek: Resurgence launches on May 13th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. On PC, the sci-fi narrative game will exclusively release on the Epic Games Store, not Steam or any other platform.

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