Star Trek: Deep Space 9 reunion leaves a lot to be desired

Argurably one of the strongest series in Star Trek history, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 first released 30 years ago. In a moving anniversary event, a number of cast members returned for a Star Trek: Deep Space 9 reunion video.

However, while the reunion was a nice event for fans, it leaves a lot to be desired. Will fans ever get the reunion they actually want?

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 reunion video

In a video produced by IGN, a number of Deep Space 9 cast members returned for an anniversary get-together. Hosted by executive producer Scott Collura, the panel saw the return of Jadzia Dax actress Terry Farrell, Miles O’Brien’s Colm Meaney and Kira Nerys’ Nana Visitor.

Presented as a promotion for the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command’s DS9 expansion, the panel discusses what makes the series so great. From its focus on deep war politics to its diverse cast, the panel is a love letter to the series.

In one segment, Kira actress Nana Visitor explains one of the issues with the show at the time: serialisation. Unlike old Star Trek shows, Deep Space 9 followed a single, evolving storyline as well as unique one-offs. Visitor explains that this was a point of contention 30-years ago.

“I think it was also partly to blame for us not being watched as much,” she explains. “It was hard to find us and then, if you hadn’t been watching, it was hard to catch up. Now, I mean, we were built for streaming. We were built for binge watching, and I think that’s why there’s a big new audience for this show.”

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It’s missing something important…

While IGN’s Star Trek: Deep Space 9 reunion was fantastic, it’s still far from what people want. We’re not talking about an actual reunion series, although we know fans want it, but fans simply want to see Sisko actor Avery Brooks again.

Brooks has not discussed the series on film since the 2011 Star Trek documentary The Captains, hosted by Captain Kirk actor William Shatner. Since then, fans have begged for the actor to return even for a second to acknowledge the series.

Over the years, Commander Sisko has become one of the most beloved characters in all of Star Trek. While not as instantly iconic as Captain Kirk, the character is one of the most complex leaders we’ve ever had in Trek. Hopefully, we’ll see him again.

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