Square Enix wants YOU to fix the next Final Fantasy

square enix wants to know what fans want from the next final fantasy

square enix wants to know what fans want from the next final fantasy

Final Fantasy 16 is either the best game in the series or the worst JRPG ever made, depending on who you ask. It seems that Square Enix wants to know what fans want, conducting a survey to shape the franchise’s future.

The survey in question is only in Japan but was shared on the PlayStation 5 subreddit. At the time of writing, this survey can only be answered in Japanese, so even those with a VPN can’t participate.

While we don’t know what kind of questions are in the survey, fans on the subreddit quickly gave options. Some fans want a sprint button since they feel Clive can be a bit slow when just running around. Others want selectable load-outs, so players can prepare for certain bosses or side quests.

Right now, it’s too early to say if this survey will actually affect Final Fantasy 16 or the next mainline installment. Positive reception has definitely affected the game, as DLC is currently being discussed after initially having no plans for more content.

Negative reception for the game has also had an effect, as producer Yoshi-P is pretty sick of it. The game’s producer feels Japanese fans are just too angry over a video game. Considering how most of them didn’t buy it, their anger does seem misplaced.

Overall, it does seem like Final Fantasy 16 is a worldwide success in the grand scheme of things. Square Enix touted about the game’s sales, pointing out that the low install base of PS5 owners makes the numbers even better. Reviews have also been mostly positive, though many miss the more general JRPG mechanics not in the game.

Whatever happens to this series, don’t expect it to go back to turn-based combat. Everything from Final Fantasy 7 Remake to Stranger of Paradise has adopted real-time action. Anyone who prefers turn-based systems is better off with the Pixel Remasters of older games or Octopath Traveler.

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Final Fantasy 16 is now available on the PlayStation 5, with a PC port likely in the works.

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