Square Enix’s Forspoken is now landfill, hitting an even lower low

square enix forspoken landfill hitting an even lower low
Credit: Square Enix

square enix forspoken landfill hitting an even lower low
Credit: Square Enix

Copies of Square Enix’s PS5 RPG Forspoken are allegedly already being sent landfills, setting a new low for this troubled open-world title. After months of backlash against the halfway-decent PS5 game, physical versions of the game are already being thrown away.

Five steelcase copies of the game were found in a random landfill, with the video being shared by Twitter user NikoMueller. While many fans often joked about the game’s bad dialogue and bland open-world gameplay, even they don’t think it deserved this fate.

Hopefully, these Forspoken steelcases don’t have copies of the game in them as that would be a true waste of the title. The likely scenario is that these were steelcases that a game shop couldn’t sell, hence, throwing them away. Even still, video game steelbooks are a collectible item for many.

Things just haven’t been going well for Forspoken. Not only was the game soundly mocked for its Joss Whedon-esque dialogue but it also received middling reviews upon release. Bad sales came after, with the publisher staying rather quiet about how much money it made. Soon after, the game’s studio, Luminous Productions, was closed down and absorbed by Square Enix.

Admittedly, it’s not all doom and gloom for this game. Though Luminous was closed down, the studio is still working on DLC for the title. While that won’t save the game’s sales figures, we’re sure the title has its fans who are excited to play more.

One could compare this Forspoken tragedy to E.T. on Atari but not as catastrophic. Though these are limited steelcases of a game that didn’t sell well, E.T. was one of the reasons why the game industry crashed. If there’s anything good that can come from this, it’s that games can bomb without crashing the entire industry.

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Forspoken is now available on the PlayStation 5 and PC.

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