Spider-Man NFTs announced in official Marvel collaboration

The huge backlash against NFTs isn't stopping major corporations from dipping their toes into the cryptoart trend. Next up is the beloved comic book company Marvel. In its first foray into the world of crypto, Marvel is getting ready to sell a collection of Spider-Man NFTs.

Announced in partnership with Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, Marvel's Spider-Man NFTs are the first of many. However, it's clear that the company wishes to start off strong with many fans’ favourite comic book character.

Marvel reveals Spider-Man NFTs

Marvel's first attempt at an NFT release is spread across multiple pieces of content. Essentially, customers are paying for ownership of a digital file. However, in this case, multiple customers can own a version of these files.

Instead of one-time access, the Spider-Man NFTs are split across multiple rarities created to act like useless, digital trading cards. Here are the following NFTs, their rarities and quantities:

● Common: Spider-Man – The Amazing Spider-Man; Price: $40.00 – Quantity: 32,000

● Uncommon: Spider-Man – Hangin’ Out; Price: $50.00 – Quantity: 16,000

● Rare: Spider-Man – Jump Into Action; Price: $100.00 – Quantity: 9,000

● Ultra-Rare: Spider-Man – Animated; Price: $250.00 – Quantity: 2,500

● Secret-Rare: Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated; Price: $400.00 – Quantity: 1,000

PSX 20210806 112652
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PSX 20210806 112647
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PSX 20210806 112642
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Marvel is planning for more

The comic book company's plans for NFTs aren't ending with this initial Spider-Man release. Instead, Marvel already has plans to continue with other cryptoart launches later this year, including ones based on other characters.

Firstly, the company will be releasing NFT versions of Marvel Comics #1, the first-ever Marvel comic. Each issue will be sold in a blind box format with each box costing $6.99. The comic has five different variants available with different covers.

Lastly, Marvel has plans to release digital figures, also in blind bag form. These “Marvel Mightys” cost $13 each. The first series is based on Captain America and will have “figures” of Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John F. Walker, and the Red Skull.

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