Spider-Man 4 is heavily inspired by John Wick, reveals leak

Tom Holland Spider-Man 4 next to a picture of John Wick

Tom Holland Spider-Man 4 next to a picture of John Wick

Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 4 is set to be an incredibly unique entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Finally letting the webhead stand apart from other superheroes, the new movie will allegedly turn the wall-crawler into a superpowered John Wick.

According to a prolific Marvel leaker, the untitled Spider-Man sequel is set to be a huge action title for the character. Now an independent superhero, the MCU Spidey will take on a number of high-profile villains in a single night.

Marvel reporter Alex P revealed on Twitter that recent John Wick movies are the inspiration for Spider-Man 4. The insider claimed that the story will follow iconic villain Kingpin hiring multiple villains to take down the wallcrawler.

The reporter claimed that Marvel was inspired by the third John Wick movie for the upcoming flick.

“Given what I’ve heard about the story so far, Parabellum seems to be the film that has more things in common atm,” the reporter claimed.

The insider didn’t reveal which specific villains Spider-Man 4 will include, but they teased that both new and returning baddies will appear. Without confirming, the reporter teased that the sequel could finally bring back Donald Glover in the role of The Prowler.

Spider-Man 4 is the start of a whole new trilogy for Tom Holland’s version of the character. Following the release of No Way Home, many assumed Holland was done with his superhero life, but that seems to not be the case.

With the current state of the MCU, a truly solo superhero movie could be the jolt the franchise needs. After a number of high-stakes films, a down-to-Earth Spidey flick may be a good direction for the new movie.

Spider-Man 4’s inclusion of the Kingpin is an interesting move. The villain’s inclusion is a great move for adapting some of Spidey’s best stories, but also connects the movie to the ongoing Disney+ TV shows such as Hawkeye and Daredevil.

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