Spider-Man 2 lets you slow down gameplay to help accessibility

Spider-Man 2 lets you slow down gameplay to help accessibility

Spider-Man 2 lets you slow down gameplay to help accessibility

Insomniac Games takes another swing at accessibility in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with new features designed to make the game more suitable to those with disabilities.

Revealed on the game’s official PS5 store page, the upcoming superhero game will have numerous accessibility features to accommodate different players. Building on the features found in previous Insomniac titles, the game has myriad features to fine tune a player’s experience.

In the listed accessibility features, Insomnaic reveals commonplace tools such as screen reader support and in-depth subtitle options. However, the developer has also introduced a game speed option that will let players slow the game down for those who have issues with the game’s fast-paced action.

Insomniac will let players slow the gameplay down to 70%, 50% or 30% of the original game speed. Players will also be able to change back to regular speed at any time, allowing them to get past sequences that require quick reaction times.

Furthermore, this feature doesn’t appear to alter the speed of the game’s cutscenes. This means that players can enjoy the action at their own leisure and still experience the cutscenes as they are intended to be seen.

While not confirmed, the accessibility options found in Spider-Man Remastered are also expected to make a comeback. This includes QTE auto complete, adjustable motion blur, HUD background, camera shake options, accessibility vibrations and more.

Sony is putting a lot of pressure on Spider-Man 2 to deliver this holiday, and it seems like it will. While stockholders put all hope on the game’s success, the game is already being targeted by scalpers for its Limited Edition merchandise.

Insomniac Games isn’t just working on its Spidey superhero game, either. In fact, the studio is working on its own take on the iconic X-Men character Wolverine. While not much is known about the game, it’s expected to be an incredibly violent PS5 exclusive when it releases.

Spider-Man 2 will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on October 20th, 2023. A PC version is expected to be released in 2024, but no official confirmation has been given.

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