Spider-Man 2’s Peter Parker has never heard of Gwen Stacy

Peter Parker and Miles Morales from marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with an edited Spider-Gwen between them

Peter Parker and Miles Morales from marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with an edited Spider-Gwen between them

At this point, the Death of Gwen Stacy is one of the defining moments for Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Across multiple universes, the superhero’s first love gets killed, leading to much sadness and more superhero-ing. Well, apart from Insomniac’s Peter from the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

In a tie-in comic for the upcoming video game, Insomniac’s Peter Parker finally meets the main 616 version of the wall-crawler. After a quick fight, the two hug and make up, but not before an integral detail is revealed regarding Spider-Man 2 and its universe.

When consoling the video game incarnation of Peter Parker, the 616 Spidey finds out that the Insomniac superhero sadly lost his version of Aunt May. (And, so far, he hasn’t made a deal with the devil Mephisto.) After this, 616 Peter explains that it can’t be easy losing Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy and then Aunt May.

“Gwen who?” the Insomniac version of Spider-Man asks in response.

Fans have been wondering about Gwen Stacy’s placement in Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe for years. Ever since the reveal of Miles Morales’ existence in pre-release footage of the first game, fans have wondered if Gwen Stacy is still alive in the video game canon.

It’s already confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 won’t feature Gwen Stacy in any capacity, or the multiverse. While this doesn’t mean the character doesn’t exist within the series, it does mean that both Peter Parker and Miles Morales are yet to meet the iconic character.

There is still space for a version of Gwen Stacy to exist within Insomniac’s universe, perhaps as more of an ally for Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker. Following the release of the animated Spider-Verse movies, many fans link Miles Morales’ Spider-Man with Gwen Stacy more than Peter Parker.

Spider-Man 2 officially launches on PlayStation 5 on October 20. The game is expected to have a PC port sometime next year.

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