Spacetop's Screenless Laptop is an Intriguing Look at a Private Future

A pair of VR glasses is plugged into a Spacetop laptop
Credit: Spacetop

A pair of VR glasses is plugged into a Spacetop laptop
Credit: Spacetop

The Spacetop G1 is a screenless laptop that gives users an intriguing look at a possible future, replacing screens with VR glasses. It’s not going to be a smooth process for most, as people are already used to laptops and tablets, but this should be an intriguing option nonetheless.

According to Upload VR, this new state of the art laptop is actually an upgrade for the appropriately named Spacetop Early Access. Luckily, those who own the Early Access version will be able to upgrade and get the superior version when it comes out this October.

With the built-in AR glasses, those who use the Spacetop G1 will be able to see their laptop’s screen through this headwear. Users will be able to see a massive webpage spawn in front of them, similar to headsets like the Apple Vision Pro. It’s definitely an interesting way to surf the web, especially for those of us who are still quite comfortable with regular laptops.

Despite what some of the trailers have shown, users won’t be able to see all of the screens at once. However, users will be able to switch between screens, so it won’t be too much of a hassle.

VR experts will feel right at home using the Spacetop G1, as this new laptop has a similar GPU and CPU to the Meta Quest 3. Since this is a laptop, it should be easier to access web pages and apps, since we assume devs won’t have to make new versions of existing programs. We doubt that this is going to replace any actual laptops or computers, but it should be a nice option for those who want it.

There’s a lot of interesting features in the Spacetop G1 that could convince some people to buy it. Of course, this screenless laptop costs a whopping $1900, but this shouldn’t bother anyone who already actively buys VR products. Fans will be able to pick this up in October.

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