Sony's Project Q looks like a worse version of the Wii U gamepad

Sony's Project Q is a worse version of the Wii U gamepad Ps5 with Project Q

Sony's Project Q is a worse version of the Wii U gamepad Ps5 with Project Q

Are you looking for an easy way to stream your PS5 game while holding a device that looks more uncomfortable than a Wii U gamepad? Then Sony has you covered, with the recently announced Project Q, the Japanese company's new foray into mobile gaming.

The so-called Project Q, confirming Sony's penchant for catchy names, will feature an 8-inch LCD screen, enriched with 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. Attached (and we definitely mean that term) to the screen is a DualSense controller.

And, indeed, the controller can be used exactly the same as the one on your PlayStation 5, since it shares the same buttons and features. Except for the touchpad, but we can imagine that Sony will want the touchscreen to be used for that purpose?

While it would be great to imagine Project Q as a sort of version of the Steam Deck for your Sony PS5 games, that is apparently not what it is designed for. No, in order to play games on the Q, they have to be installed on a PlayStation 5 console.

Project Q is, then, a companion to your home console, not a mobile device that can be used for cloud gaming or anything of the sorts. Sure, things might change once the device is released, but we would not expect the Q to support native gaming in any way, obviously.

The Japanese company has not unveiled any pricing information just yet, but we do know that this lesser cousin of the Wii U gamepad is coming your way later in 2023.

In addition to this handheld device, Sony has also announced the very first official wireless buds branded PlayStation. Does the branding mean anything? Well, we are not sure, but Sony has confirmed they will feature a “new wireless technology developed by Sony”, capable of delivering lossless audio and low latency over Bluetooth.

Sony's Project Q is a worse version of the Wii U gamepad PlayStation earbuds
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We don't know if the gaming audience definitely needs a mobile device to stream PS5 games, to play at home or in the office. But, if that was really what you had been waiting for, consider yourself Q-overed.

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