New licensing agreement means Sony won't remove Discovery TV shows

The cast of Mythbusters next to a PlayStation 5

In a surprising development, PlayStation will not go ahead with its plan to remove more than 1,300 Discovery TV shows from its platform scheduled on December 31. The sudden change has been triggered by an updated licensing agreement between Sony and Warner Bros, the owner of the Discovery brand, which has seen an extension of their partnership.

In a recent update on its website, PlayStation clarified that the Discovery content removal scheduled for December 31, 2023, will no longer happen due to its updated licensing arrangements. The company clarified that, like other services, they do not own the licensing rights to TV/movie content formerly accessible for purchase on the PlayStation Store. However, collaborative efforts with Warner Bros have resulted in updated licensing agreements, guaranteeing consumers the ability to retrieve their previously purchased content for at least the next 30 months.

The gaming giant's initial decision to remove Discovery content had raised concerns among users who opted for digital purchases rather than physical copies. The removal will effectively restrict access to content that users had previously purchased. This announcement also ignited an online backlash, fueling concerns about digital media ownership. While video game preservation remains a hot subject in the industry, removing content from digital platforms has become a significant concern for movie and TV creators.

Discovery's diverse offerings, including popular shows like Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, MythBusters, Tanked, Animal Planet Presents, Street Outlaws, and many more, faced potential deletion, prompting uncertainty among PlayStation's digital content consumers.

The recent resolution with Warner Bros showcases the platform's commitment to preserving digital content investments for its user base and addressing consumer concerns. This unexpected turn of events highlighted the complexity of content licensing in the digital age. It emphasises the ongoing challenges platforms experience in balancing meeting consumers' expectations and adapting to evolving agreements in the rapidly changing entertainment landscape.

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