Sony stops producing PSVR2 units headsets until they sell their unsold units

sony stops producing psvr2 headsets
Credit: Sony

sony stops producing psvr2 headsets
Credit: Sony


  • PSVR2 production has stopped
  • Sony won't produce new units until the unsold supply is gone
  • Analysts have suggested a price cut

Sony’s PSVR2 isn’t the hit many were hoping for, as the company has paused production on the VR headset, at least for now. While several factors are going against this piece of tech, it’s clear that things aren’t looking good for this device.

A report from Bloomberg (via The Verge) has confirmed Sony won’t be producing any new headsets until the company clears its backlog of unsold units. The number of these unsold units wasn’t revealed, but knowing that it stopped production of these units isn’t a good sign. While this probably won’t end Sony’s foray into VR, this is a struggle.

No one knows why the PSVR2 is struggling, though analyst Yijia Zhai feels that the price is one reason fans aren’t picking it up. Granted, the device doesn’t cost as much as the Apple Vision Pro, which still had impressive pre-orders, but compared to a PS5, it’s not cheap.

“The high price of VR hardware acts as the main hurdle for its expansion. Currently, there are limited games that support VR devices, and that will also lead to lack of motivation for players to purchase VR hardware,” Zhai said. “This limited content also has a reason – the development cost for VR games is substantially higher than normal titles.”

Despite these troubling signs, there’s still time for Sony to recover and make the PSVR2 a valuable VR headset. Sony previously struggled with selling the PS3 back in the day, but a price cut, smart rebranding, and deals with publishers eventually led to it outselling the Xbox 360. Then again, Sony gave up on the PS Vita fairly quickly and they might do the same if these numbers don’t pick up soon.

Sony could rebound if they bring PSVR2 to PC, as that’s where most VR fans are using the tech. PlayStation has seen the success they can get with PC support, as Helldivers 2 is one of this year’s biggest surprises.

The PSVR2 is available now in most gaming and tech stores.

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