Sony’s disgusting PlayStation Portal was the best-selling video game accessory for February 2024

sony playstation portal february top selling accessory
Credit: PlayStation

sony playstation portal february top selling accessory
Credit: PlayStation


  • The PlayStation Portal was February's best-selling video game accessory
  • While the sales numbers weren't major, this shows that there's still plenty of interest in Sony products
  • It's not a Switch or Steam Deck, but the Portal has found its audience

The PlayStation Portal isn’t a real handheld device, but that hasn’t stopped PS5 owners from picking up this accessory and playing their games elsewhere in their homes. In a move that a lot of us didn’t see coming, Sony’s cloud gaming device was the best-selling video game accessory for February.

On Twitter, Mat Piscatela was going over all of the best-selling video game products for February, including how the Portal was last month’s top seller for accessories. While the PS5 Dual Sense Edge Wireless Controller is still this year’s best-selling accessory overall, seeing the Portal do this well is pretty surprising.

Piscatela does point out that these aren’t exactly huge numbers thus far, but managing to be the #1 bestseller for this month is still impressive. Sony is aware that this is a niche product, but it will be interesting to see if these sales has the company make similar accessories to this one.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the PlayStation Portal is an ugly device that can play your PS4 and PS5 games through cloud gaming. Users will need a strong internet connection to play these games. You can also only play games that are installed on your PlayStation 5, so you can’t even fully stream titles in your library.

Despite these limitations, the accessory has found a fanbase, with many gamers using it to play their games when family or friends need to use the television. While limiting, this does give users access to their most important games at that moment, so it’s not all bad. Just remember that you need internet to get this thing going, but that complaint quickly disappears once you get to play certain exclusives.

Those who want a true handheld should stick with a Nintendo Switch, Valve’s Steam Deck, or the various other handheld PCs that have been released. But for those who want to play their PS5 games in other parts of the house, the PlayStation Portal will suffice.

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