Sons of the Forest will be unleashed from Early Access soon

sons of the forest free from early access
Credit: Endnight Games

sons of the forest free from early access
Credit: Endnight Games

Just in case fans needed more survival games to play, Sons of the Forest is finally leaving Early Access and the 1.0 launch is happening soon. How soon? The 1.0 launch will be happening next week, so fans who need a good scare can finally hide from monsters fairly soon.

IGN revealed the new 1.0 launch trailer for all to see, showing some of the unique changes that will be coming to the main game. PC Gamer pointed out that the game has raccoons, though they’re the least horrifying thing players will have to deal with when the game comes out on February 22.

Raccoons aside, Sons of the Forest will also have new areas for players to explore when 1.0 comes out. This means more exploration, but that also means more horrors for players to face, since we’re sure monsters will be lurking about. Now that this is a fully open-world sequel, it will be interesting to see just how players react to all the exploration and cannibals.

Acting as a sequel to The Forest, it’s easy to see just how much bigger this game is going to be. While The Forest was a mostly single-player experience, Sons of the Forest will have the option for multiplayer, though it was emphasized that solo players can still have a good time.

Sons of the Forest will have players attempting to find a billionaire family after they went missing for many months. Naturally, this search leads to players being trapped on an island where they have to survive and try to fulfill their mission. It’s a perfect setting for the survival genre, which has become the hot gaming genre at the moment, so horror enthusiasts should check it out.

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Fans will be able to pick up Sons of the Forest on February 22 on Steam. There are currently no plans to bring it to consoles, though that could always change.

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