Sonic Origins Plus physical release is as useless as you'd expect

sonic origins plus physical release is useless
Credit: SEGA

sonic origins plus physical release is useless
Credit: SEGA

SEGA has let fans down one more time as the Sonic Origins Plus physical edition isn’t very physical at all. While fans are getting the game on one cartridge, the “Plus” DLC is relegated to being a digital code.

Releases like these are pretty unappealing, as it makes fans wonder why the DLC isn’t already in the cartridge/disc. It would be one thing if this were a visually demanding game but this is a collection of old games.

What makes this worse is that the Sonic Mania Plus physical edition did include all of the DLC in one cartridge. That’s why fans really enjoyed that re-release and we don’t see those same fans double-dipping unless they’re hardcore. Admittedly, the blue hedgehog’s fans can be a bit crazy so they might actually double-dip.

In case fans need a reminder, the Sonic Origins Plus DLC adds Amy to the playable roster and outs in 12 Game Gear titles. For fans who bought the digital release, all of that content is pretty good and should provide hours of fun. Sadly, not having it in the game cartridge/CD makes the physical unappealing, even with all the physical goodies coming with it.

Players will remember how this collection of classic games already disappointed fans when it first came out. Aside from the fact that it was $39.99, the game had menu sprites and music locked behind paid DLC. If that wasn’t bad enough, this collection also had bugs that annoyed many hardcore fans.

Obviously, for fans who just want to play these games, the collection is a solid one. Having Sonic 3 and Sonic CD re-released is nice, as are some of the additional challenges. The additional Game Gear titles coming are nice too, as is Amy being playable. But this is a major letdown to physical collectors.

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Sonic Origins Plus will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch on June 23. Fans who already have the game digitally can buy the DLC for an additional $9.99.

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