Sims 5 images leak showing amazing building tools

sims 5 images leak showing amazing building tools artist painting

sims 5 images leak showing amazing building tools artist painting

Are you one of those devilish The Sims players who likes to delete the pool ladder after your sims go for a nice cool dip? Well, you might be interested to find out that development images from The Sims 5 have leaked, and it's looking like the most realistic rendition of the series yet.

A now-deleted user on Reddit - likely a throwaway account so they can't be tracked down - created a post on the The Sims subreddit. The post was simply titled "Off screen pictures of a play test for The Sims 5." There are 11 images attached in total, but no description or further clarification.

Rather than being screenshots, the images have been taking via camera and show what the poster alleges to be an in-development build of The Sims 5 on a monitor. We get to see the game's new items like beds and other furnishings, but we also get a glimpse of the in-depth building tools that we'll be able to use.

One furniture design tooltip, for example, describes how players will be able to customise furniture size, colour, parts, and patterns according to how they see fit. Another tool tip states that you'll be able to upload and share your creations online - something the community will no doubt love to do.

From the looks of it, you'll be able to get a lot more precise with how you place the items around your home too, with incremental degrees of rotation and object stacking leading to more dense and lived-in environments.

Some of the images also depict the open world of the game and they appear to show a European city, evident in the road markings and style of building architecture. How many maps are in the game, we don't know, but if we go off of previous entries, there will probably be a few added over time.

We have no idea when The Sims 5 will release yet, but the game looks to be further along in development than perhaps many expected at this point. And, if these images are anything to go by, it's shaping up to be one of the best The Sims experiences yet.

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