You can now shove an 8TB SSD in your PS5

PS5 8TB SSD support

PS5 8TB SSD support

A new update to the PlayStation 5 operating system has added support for far more M.2 SSD storage than what was previously supported by the new Sony console.

At the time of writing, the PlayStation 5 consoles currently supports a maximum size of 4TB for M.2 SSDs. However, in the new beta update for the PS5 OS, Sony has doubled this size up to 8TB, allowing vastly more storage than ever before.

Revealed alongside a host of other features, such as Dolby Atmos support and the ability to mute the PS5’s beeps, the new SSD capacity is a huge benefit for gamers that hate to uninstall games on their console.

The new feature is currently rolling out to Beta participants of the PlayStation 5 OS in specific countries. Those who have signed up for PS beta access will receive an email allowing them to get the new update.

As it’s in a beta form, the current support for 8TB SSDs may not be completely stable at the time of writing. Additionally, only a few specific 8TB M.2 SSDs are officially listed as PS5 compatible, although more may become available in the future.

It’s worth noting that any compatible SSD must still be compliant with Sony’s guidelines, listed here, to ensure optimal performance. This includes recommended speeds of 5500 MB/s to make sure games still load as fast as they do on the console’s internal drive.

The full update is currently scheduled to release worldwide later this year, but there’s no concrete launch date for the new OS update.

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