She-Hulk twerking poster released to mock infuriated online whiners

Marvel’s She-Hulk series was already review bombed for daring to have a female lead. Just like Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel before it. However, the internet exploded after a 10-second She-Hulk twerking scene was included in a post-credits ending.

Following the release of She-Hulk Episode 3, the internet decided that the show was an abomination of entertainment. Mostly from men, complaints explained that the show was “degrading for women” instead of empowering. Marvel doesn’t care.

She-Hulk twerking advertised by Marvel

With the internet vitriol still ongoing, Marvel decided to sonic clap back at the haters. After the release of the episode, the movie studio has released a poster designed to infuriate them even more.

Released on Twitter, Marvel’s latest poster for She-Hulks advertises its infamous twerking scene. In a lovely 80s-inspired hand-drawn poster, the superhero lawyer is scene twerking with Megan Thee Stallion.

This is a direct reference to Episode 3 of the series, a scene that infuriated thousands of men online. However, this fun poster — drawn by Bella Grace — shows that Marvel doesn’t care about the fanboy hate.

Even the caption for the tweet has a couldn’t-care-less attitude, likely after receiving thousands of complaints last week. It just goes to show that Marvel has no time for haters.

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The complaints still roll in

Nevertheless, Marvel’s clap-back at complainers still had whiners in the comments. Furthermore, these complaints claim that ten-seconds of one character twerking is ruining the entire franchise.

“Disappointed that what was the greatest franchise in the world has gone to sh*t lol,” said one commenter. “Thanks Marve lStudios for totally ruining our memories with great characters. It’s totally a joke now,” said another.

However, all of these presumed Marvel fans must only be fans of the MCU. After all, true fans of the comic franchise would know that twerking is absolutely in line with She-Hulk’s character.

For example, She-Hulk is a character that has been canonically fired for taking photocopies of her butt. The She-Hulk twerking scene is 100% something the character would do.

All in all, there’s no problem with a character twerking in a Marvel show for a few seconds. Especially in a universe where Iron Man canonically pees in his suit. People just want to complain, especially when a woman is on screen.

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