The Shark X is a jaw-dropping gaming PC shaped like a shark

Cooler Master Shark X head in front of a blurred image and gasping emoji
Credit: Cooler Master

Cooler Master Shark X head in front of a blurred image and gasping emoji
Credit: Cooler Master

When it comes to CES, plenty of companies are looking to make a splash, but not many compare to the absolute beauty of the Shark X. Created by Cooler Master, this exciting gaming PC doesn't just share its name with the terrifying fish, but it's also shaped like a shark.

While this costly PC made its debut during CES 2023, Cooler Master has brought it back for CES 2024, as spotted by Tom's Hardware. Compared to last year's Sneaker X gaming PC from Cooler Master, Shark X is looking to make big waves when it releases in the second quarter of this year. You can see a video of the Shark X at Computex 2023 below.

Even with the best gaming desks, finding space for a three-foot PC is going to be tough, but while you may lose out on some room, Shark X is at the very least a great conversation starter, and at the best, a great gaming PC for you to brag about.

An official price is yet to be announced, with the product likely to cost upwards of $7,000, according to Tom's Hardware. However, the current components in the Shark X include an Intel Core i7-14700KF with an MSI RTX 4070 Ti GPU, with the graphics card sitting inside the Shark X's fin. Hopefully, the GPU will be upgraded with the 4070 Ti Super release date announced.

Alongside the expensive cost, you're also getting 1TB M.2 SSD, and 32GB of DDR5 RAM, all of which are connected to a Gigabyte Z790I Aorus Ultra. The Intel CPU is cooled by Cooler Master's own Cooler Master 120 AIO cooler, and the system is powered by Cooler Master's SFX 850W Gold PSU.

However, according to Cooler Master, the Shark X is, fortunately, upgradeable... so long as it can fit on a mini-ITX motherboard. However, if you're spending $7,000 on a PC, you've likely got an existing gaming PC anyway equipped to the max. That being said, pairing it with one of Alienware's new monitors would make your setup look really incredible.

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