Sesame Street NFTs are the latest disappointment in our lives

Sesame Street NFTs are the latest disappointment in our lives

Sesame Street NFTs are the latest disappointment in our lives

After a year of NFTs coming for everything we held dear, a new line of Sesame Street NFTs has been announced to kill all faith in God.

With the popularity of NFTs reaching rock bottom, many assumed that companies would stop attempting to pawn off their IP for a quick crypto buck. (Especially after numerous crypto crashes in one year.) Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Following tone-deaf NFT collections from The Matrix, Wall•E and more, Sesame Street NFTs are launching for gullible fans everywhere. Collaborating with digital collectible marketplace Veve, the virtual line of cruddy collectibles is starting with 5,000 images of the iconic Cookie Monster.

At $60 (£50) a pop, the virtual collection features just one image of the blue confectionary addict. Veve hopes to sell all 5,555 images to sorry sods. That would garner around $333,300 for a picture of the Cookie Monster. Easy money?

In the future, Veve hopes to release more simple images for Sesame Street NFTs to sell to crypto-fools. Maybe a picture of Elmo smiling for $100? Should we be so lucky.

Sesame Workshop’s VP of global strategic partnerships and themed entertainment Jennifer Ahearn said in a statement that this NFT collection will help “celebrate [the series’] enduring legacy”.

Sure, Jennifer, a picture of the Cookie Monster will help endure the legacy of a TV series with almost 5,000 episodes that’s been running since the 1960s.

As one of the most iconic TV series in history, Sesame Street NFTs are just another example of company managers trying to exploit fanbases for money. Ten years ago, it was just harmless Funko Pops for $20. Now, it’s hundreds of dollars for a picture of a Neopet.

Just leave Sesame Street alone. Please!

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