Monster Hunter x Secretlab TITAN Evo chair feels like the Fatalis dragon

Secretlab TITAN Evo chair with limited edition Monster Hunter Fatalis skin
Credit: Secretlab

Secretlab TITAN Evo chair with limited edition Monster Hunter Fatalis skin
Credit: Secretlab


  • Secretlab has announced a limited edition TITAN Evo for Monster Hunter's 20th Anniversary.
  • The chair is inspired by the legendary black dragon, the Fatalis, from the series
  • Secretlab was inspired by the in-game crafting, stating that the chair "looks & feels like an armor actually forged from Fatalis Shards"

Monster Hunter is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, with the popular franchise offering two decades worth of content. And to honour this major milestone, Secretlab is releasing a limited edition version of its TITAN Evo chair, with a very special feature.

Whether you're going to pair it with the incredible Secretlab MAGNUS Pro desk, or you're looking to upgrade your existing gaming chair, the Secretlab TITAN Evo line up of thrones has been renowned for its incredible design and comfortability, thanks to its premium price. And, if you're a fan of the Monster Hunter series of games, this latest limited edition set may be worth buying.

Designed with the legendary black dragon in mind, the Secretlab TITAN Evo Fatalis collection sports a giant Fatalis iconography on the backside, with the leatherette of the chair embossed with dragon scale-like designs. But the most exciting part is that Secretlab states that the team was inspired by the in-game crafting, and promise that the new limited edition chair feels like Fatalis Shards.

If you're concerned about your back too, you can also pick up the Fatalis Edition of the Lumbar Cushion too, as an additional paid extra. However, the chair still features Secretlab's integrated lumbar support found within the TITAN Evo and adjustable via dials on either side of your throne.

If you're hoping to pick up the chair, you can purchase it from the official Secretlab website, with the Fatalis TITAN Evo available in both Regular and XL sizes. Unfortunately, those who prefer a smaller chair will have to miss out on the limited edition TITAN Evo.

This isn't the only Monster Hunter gear that you can buy to celebrate the anniversary. Recently, MSI announced a Monster Hunter collaboration which will turn your PC setup into a tribute for the brilliant series. Inspired by the fearsome Rathalos, you can pick up one of the best gaming monitors or best graphics cards with the Monster Hunter-inspired designs.

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