Sea of Stars sells 4 million copies in 4 months across all systems

sea of stars sells 4 million copies
Credit: Sabotage

sea of stars sells 4 million copies
Credit: Sabotage

Sea of Stars ended up being one of this year’s nicest surprises, giving fans a beautiful JRPG with a solid story and addictive combat system. It seems the world noticed, as this indie RPG has sold 4 million copies in 4 months across all gaming systems, a truly impressive feat.

The game’s official Twitter account shared the good news, confirming that the indie title was able to sell 4 million copies in less than 4 months. Naturally, the folks at Sabotage were quick to thank fans for believing in this game, as projects like this don’t always end up doing well.

Admittedly, this factoid isn’t too shocking since Sea of Stars did sell 100,000 copies under a week of its launch, showing this title was destined to be a hit. One could say that it was written in the stars, though in reality, it was a team effort that did well thanks to its Kickstarter money.

Unsurprisingly, this RPG ended up winning Best Indie Game during The Game Awards, though the fact it was seemingly brushed aside was annoying. It is well-deserved since the game looks great and plays even better, but you would think the show would have given it more attention. Then again, even AAA games were disrespected in that show, so this isn’t indie snobbery.

Sea of Stars also got an update recently that removed The Completionist’s character from the game. Originally debuting as “The Constructionist,” the YouTuber was removed after some charity fraud controversy that was only recently solved.

For anyone who hasn’t picked up this title yet, Sea of Stars is a lovely mix of Chrono Trigger and the Mario RPGs. The turn-based battle system with timed button inputs never felt better than in this title, even if it is an easy experience. You can check out our review of the RPG, where we gave this relaxing RPG a solid 8 out of 10.

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Sea of Stars is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. DLC for the game is underway, which will supposedly link this title to The Messenger, another great title from Sabotage.

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