SCUF Gaming accused of sexual harassment, racism and abuse

Game controller peripheral company SCUF Gaming has been well-known as the face of hardcore gamers for years. Before the age of Xbox Elite Controllers and PS4 back buttons, SCUF controllers were all the rage.

However, not all is allegedly right with SCUF Gaming. After working at the company for over two years, ex-employee Vivi came out to reveal the company's unwelcome working environment.

SCUF Gaming accused of sexual harassment

In a post on Twitter, Vivi detailed her experiences working at SCUF Gaming. The post directly names her alleged abusers, detailing multiple cases of harassment and sexism for each. Additionally, Vivi states that there are more cases of sexual harassment and racism at the company, but those were to other victims.

The post explains that one worker was upset as soon as Vivi joined as a QA Tester. That worker allegedly resented her for “intruding on a workplace that was safe for men". This worker’s resentment grew until, one day, he allegedly threw a controller at her.

Another worker would openly gossip with bosses about Vivi, discussing who would be the first to have sex with her. After “aggressively” showing disinterest in him, he allegedly called her an “ugly b*tch with a bad attitude”, stating that “absolutely no one would want to r*pe me".

One worker at SCUF Gaming is said to have sexually harassed multiple women in his department. Furthermore, this worker allegedly took Vivi’s phone without permission to find out her private social media accounts.

Not every detail about SCUF Gaming’s workplace harassment has come out. Vivi notes that, while she can out her personal abusers, an NDA means she can't discuss the standard workplace.

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The company responds

After the accusations went live, SCUF Gaming responded with a vague announcement on Twitter. The company stated that they're “very concerned” about the claims and they're looking into the situation.

The company said:

“This is something we take extremely seriously and we are urgently investigating this matter to take further additional actions internally,” SCUF said in a statement on Twitter. “Sexual harassment, of any kind, is not tolerated at SCUF and we continuously strive for an inclusive and safe work environment.”

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