First ever Scream video game allegedly in the works by Until Dawn devs

The Scream ghost face killer brandishing a weapon next to a superimposed head of Hayden Pennitiere from Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn

The Ghostface Killer may finally be receiving its own video game in the form of an alleged Scream title from Until Dawn creators Supermassive Games. With the studio wrapping up its Dark Pictures Anthology, industry insiders claim the studio is working on a game in the iconic Wes Craven horror franchise.

Following the massive success of the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has continued its narrative horror genre with titles like Man of Medan, Little Hope, and House of Ashes. While very similar in structure, each entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology tells a wildly different story, usually with one B-list celebrity along for the ride.

In a reveal from industry insider The Tipster, Supermassive Games is moving to an iconic horror franchise following the completion of the Dark Pictures Anthology. The leaker claims the studio is working on the first ever video game adaptation of the Scream franchise, bringing a new cast against the threat of a unique Ghostface Killer.

“Based on what i heard back in May, there is indeed a game based on the Scream franchise in development,” the leaker claimed. “I never heard of a developer at the time but in all honesty Supermassive Games lines up pretty well.”

Outside of a Scream 4 fruit ninja mobile game, the franchise’s only video game representation has been an appearance in Dead by Daylight and a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War skin. The franchise has never had its own video game, but Supermassive could produce one hell of a spin-off.

As the creators behind Until Dawn, Supermassive has already proven itself to be more than adapt at bringing the slasher genre to video games. With the ability to give the player control over who lives and dies, and also the ability to introduce killer fakeout deaths within gameplay, a Scream game could be an amazing fit for the studio.

Obviously, no release date has been given for Supermassive’s alleged Scream game, but the title should release on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC if it does indeed exist. (We’re hoping so.)

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