Scarlet Witch fights Professor X in Doctor Strange 2 pre-vis leak

In recent months, Marvel Studios leaks have been massive and bizarre. A barrage of Spider-Man : No Way Home leaks revealed behind the scenes images of Andrew Garfield returning as the webhead. However, a recent Doctor Strange 2 leak involving Scarlet Witch takes things much further.

Scarlet Witch fights Professor X in Doctor Strange 2

Last week, alleged images of pre-vis renders for Doctor Strange 2 revealed the appearance of Professor X. While not confirmed, it's been noted that Marvel commonly uses pre-vis blocking for a large number of its movies. For example, the entirety of Avengers: Endgame’s final battle was rendered in rough pre-vis before filming.

The Professor X leak is rough. However, it's not too dissimilar from real pre-vis images. The image showed a de-aged Patrick Stewart Charles Xavier in a new chair designed after X-Men: The Animated Series. Stewart has already confirmed a meeting with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

These new images show what happens after Professor X’s introduction. After meeting Professor X, Scarlet Witch and Xavier begin fighting. The battle will allegedly show Wanda at the height of her power and could result in her killing one version of Xavier.

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These certainly look like pre-vis images. Can they be trusted? Source 1 Source 2.

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Wanda goes Days of Future Past

Both of these images show Wanda outside of her Scarlet Witch costume. The rumours state that Wanda’s multiverse adventure works similarly to Wolverine in Days of Future Past. Instead of travelling through multiverse worlds as herself, she must possess versions of herself in other universes.

This would mean that Professor X, who doesn't yet exist in the main MCU, is fighting a Wanda he knows well. However, if Wanda exists in that universe already, that would mean Patrick Stewart isn't playing Fox’s version is Professor X.

It’s all incredibly complicated. As we currently don't know how exactly the multiverse works in the MCU, it’s hard to judge the legitimacy of these leaks. Whatever the case, Doctor Strange 2 certainly appears to be an interesting time.

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