Satisfactory version 1.0 will finally launch this year

satisfactory version 1.0 release promo art from coffee stain studio man on hill looking at mountain and sky with moon and 1.0 in sky

satisfactory version 1.0 release promo art from coffee stain studio man on hill looking at mountain and sky with moon and 1.0 in sky

From the creators of the iconic Goat Simulator, Satisfactory is a simulation game where you're building up a factory in an open-world environment. The developer, Coffee Stain Studio, has finally given out a concrete release date for Satisfactory Version 1.0.

Satisfactory is now set to release somewhere in 2024, and although a concrete release date has not been provided yet, the game will feature a closed beta that's currently open for sign-up.

The bad news is that there will be no major patches or updates till the release of Satisfactory Version 1.0. The developer broke down the development cycle that Satisfactory has followed thus far and revealed that the team had been working on two branches for the game.

First, they had the main branch with tons of content for Satisfactory Version 1.0, and then they made a split branch through which the game had been receiving all of its updates. Now, both teams will be merged and work solely on polishing a Version 1.0 release for Satisfactory that's ready to hit the market.

Previously, Satisfactory was available for early access and had been receiving tons of updates through the aforementioned split branch. Each update brought a lot of new content, and fans have been kept highly involved with regular developer feedback and updates. While it's unfortunate that we won't be getting any major new updates, it also means there's a ton of new content to look forward to in Satisfactory Version 1.0.

The developers mentioned some of the planned future content and how it included fast vehicles, guns, LOTS of lasers, and even romance options. Other than that, the team is fully dedicated to ironing out some of the bugs and issues that have been reported by players and will be keeping a close eye on these during the beta.

Most importantly, they will finally add a method to complete the game alongside a narrative that ties the whole thing together. Exciting stuff really. Satisfactory and Coffee Stain Studio have garnered a lot of praise from the community, and we look forward to seeing what their full release will look like.

We can expect wacky shenanigans from the developers and marketing team who brought us the most cursed Fortnite goat skins and even dared to throw in leaked GTA 6 footage into their trailer.

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