Samsung’s Music Frame is a speaker that looks like a vinyl frame

Samsung Music Frame resting against a wall

Samsung Music Frame resting against a wall

The highly aesthetic Samsung The Frame TV has proven to be a massive success, so much so that the company is working a musical offshoot dubbed the Music Frame.

Revealed at CES 2024, Samsung’s Music Frame isn’t a TV, but a speaker designed to look like a framed piece of album art in your home. It may offer the retro futuristic vibes of the new LG DukeBox, but it is certainly a suave addition to the home.

The Samsung Music Frame measures 12.9 x 12.9 inches, making it a rather sleek speaker for the living room. The front isn’t a screen, but instead a printed piece of art that can be customised when the device is available to order.

Samsung’s new speaker is essentially a competitor to the IKEA Symfonisk, another speaker that’s designed to look like a piece of art. However, IKEA’s version is made to look like a canvas piece, whereas Samsung’s is more vinyl-like in its proportions.

“This customizable speaker seamlessly blends into its environment by camouflaging as a modern picture frame that can display art or photography,” reads Samsung’s press release.

A samsung music frame speaker resting against an orange wall
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When paired with one of the company’s new Samsung 2024 TVs, the Samsung Music Frame can utilise onboard Q-symphony technology to provide surround sound audio. If not, the device can still be used as a standalone speaker with built-in woofers for a balanced playback.

Samsung’s The Frame has started a popular movement for those who hate their technology looking like technology. Alongside more garish displays like The Serif, Samsung’s Frame design has become one of the company’s more successful TV ventures.

However, it needs to be proven if this design philosophy works outside of the TV. While televisions take up a considerable amount of space, traditional soundbars do not. Does the Samsung Music Frame offer enough to be popular?

There’s currently no release date or price for Samsung’s Music Frame at the time of writing.

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