Samsung goes two-fold on phones with new double folding device

The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was a monumental development for mobile technology. With Samsung and other companies starting to improve upon their folding tech, the Galaxy creators are working something new. In fact, the company is planning to improve their efforts two-fold... literally.

Reported by Nikkei Asia, the company is currently working on a smartphone that will fold twice. This isn't designed to replace Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip devices, but instead be a third option for customers.

What is the Samsung Double Folding phone?

The double folding phone will reportedly be a device that has three sections held together by two hinges. The device isn't said to have any form of standard outer screen like the Galaxy Z Fold. However, it seems unlikely that the company will rely entirely on the softer folding screen tech. 

For the display, the phone's wider screen real estate will be packed into a 16:9 aspect ratio. This decision has been made for easier app development. Samsung's current Galaxy Z Fold has an awkward aspect ratio of 25:9; the vertical height is the same with massively extended horizontal display scope. Essentially, this means that developers have to uncomfortably stretch apps instead of simply porting to larger resolutions.

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When will Samsung's two-fold phone release?

Samsung's Double Folding phone is expected to be announced later this year.  Nikkei Asia reports that the tech should be announced “as early as the end of this year". Unfortunately, it wouldn't be a surprise if the company's plans get altered.

With worldwide chip shortages heavily affecting Samsung's plans, we've already seen the cancellation of the flagship Galaxy Note S21. Samsung isn't the only company hindered by this; Microsoft and Sony will have vastly decreased console output this year.

Since the of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has consistently kept up with releasing folding phones with increasing output. However, the company's maiden voyage into folding tech only started two years ago. With the cancellation of the Note, Samsung could drop part of their folding phone lineup for this year. However, with the Fold and Z Flip already established, will fans be happy with this decision?

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