Samsung 98-inch Q80C takes on TCL’s affordable gigantic displays

Samsung 98-inch Q80C showing a beautiful sunset

Samsung 98-inch Q80C showing a beautiful sunset

Following in the footsteps of TCL, Samsung is working on a mid-range, affordable 98-inch TV that will take up a boatload of space in your living room.

Available now in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany, the colossal Samsung 98-inch Q80C offers a 4K 120Hz LCD panel with 4K resolution with unspecified zone dimming.

The massive TV includes numerous HDMI 2.1 ports for high framerate content at 4K. This means if you’re using a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll be able to play 120fps games on a huge 98-inch display.

Samsung’s 98-inch Q80C display is a direct competitor to TCL’s 98C735. TCL’s display was lauded for its huge size and affordability. According to FlatPanelsHD, the TCL panel can now be found for just $5000 USD/£3500 GBP.

In comparison, Samsung’s panel is considerably more expensive. Current listings for the new TV peg the display at $6800 USD, £6499, €7999. This isn’t the company’s first 98-inch display either; last year’s QN90A launched with a 98-inch 4K panel configuration two years ago.

The massive display subsection of TVs is quickly becoming a major new market for manufacturers. Alongside Samsung and TCL, Sony is planning to go big with its Bravia line later this year, adding a 98-inch SKU for the first time.

The Samsung 98-inch Q80C is certainly a niche display, especially in a tightening economy. However, it is nice to see Samsung create larger displays, even if only a few will buy it.

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