Russian journalists are banned from covering the country's space program

The United States isn't the only country looking to jump-start their space program. After years of worldwide stagnation, the modern space race has begun across the US, China and Russia. Unfortunately, Russian journalists will be unable to cover the latter.

Russian journalists can't cover Roscosmos

Reported by ArsTechnica, Russian journalists can no longer cover the country's space industry. Any unauthorised coverage of Roscosmos will result in a heavy penalty for all involved in its publication.

Outlets that publish unauthorised Roscosmos information will be labelled as foreign agents against Russia. In the country, foreign agents are subjected to additional government audits. Additionally, all documents must be marked with the phrase “Иностранный агент”, Russian for foreign agent.

Popular Russian space reporter Katya Pavlushchenko has already announced her departure from covering Roscosmos. Pavlushchenko explained that the country's new law is so vague that no journalist would dare attempt to cover the space program.

She said: “The wording in the order is so streamlined that, if desired, literally anyone can be accused of violating it.”

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It’s already working

Pavlushchenko isn't the only Russian journalist to distance themselves from Roscosmos coverage. The space reporter revealed that her peers are already moving to cover foreign space events instead of local news.

Reportedly, Russia is scared that its reputation as a great space force is dwindling. As a strong force of space technology in the past. Instead of allowing negative stories to spread, the government will ensure all Roscosmos news is positive propaganda.

Pavlushchenko explained that the current press coverage of Roscosmos wasn't negative in the slightest. She said:

““I’ve heard today from several authors of popular science and educational blogs that they will pay more attention to the foreign space activities. Will it affect the coverage of Roscosmos? For sure it will. These authors weren’t negative about Roscosmos, they did a lot of work to highlight its activities for ordinary people.”

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