Possible LG XR headset will compete with Apple Vision Pro in 2025

Apple Vision Pro in front of an LG press image and LG logo
Credit: LG / Apple

The next company entering the competition against Apple's Vision Pro could be none other than LG, with rumours suggesting that the company will be releasing an XR headset sometime in 2025.

As spotted by the team at UploadVR, the news comes from a Korean website called The Guru, where LG's CEO Cho Joo-wan confirmed the plan to one of the reporters. More specifically, Cho told The Guru that development of the XR device has been moved to the same team that handles LG's TVs, in order to "speed up" the device's development.

This is supported by another rumour from ET News, another South Korean website that reported on a new high-end chipset from Qualcomm for XR, which we now know is Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2. A few companies were suggested to be using the new chipset for the potential rivals in the best VR headsets list, but one of those possible customers was LG.

UploadVR also suggests via its report that Korean doesn't distinguish between singular and plural, so it is possible that LG could plan for more than one headset in 2025. With a high-end chipset, we'd expect one of the headsets to rival the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, which is releasing very soon.

This wouldn't be the first rival for Apple's upcoming headset. In fact, Apple Vision Pro clones are already on the market, using notably cheaper chipsets. However, we'd expect the potential LG headset, the upcoming Samsung headset, and the recently unveiled Sony XR headset to have specs closer to the Vision Pro than the recent slew of knockoffs.

However, it's possible that LG might be working with another brand to bring its OLED technology to some upcoming headsets. One that you may have heard of - Meta. Another report from UploadVR suggests that Meta was in talks with Samsung and LG for MicroLED and OLED panels for its headsets. It's possible that LG struck a deal with Meta, and is working with it on creating a Quest 4 or a Quest Pro 2, or something along those lines for a more premium XR experience.

Obviously, until these rumours are confirmed, it's anyone's guess whether LG is bringing it's own rival out, helping Meta create an enhanced headset, or if this will end up being a project in the pipeline that never sees the light of day. That being said, considering Apple's committing to 25-minute demos of the Vision Pro, there's obviously some interest in this new technology, and everyone is taking a shot at the future.

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