RTX Voice forgoes its namesake with official GTX support

Move over RTX GPUs, RTX voice doesn't need you anymore! The AI-powered audio cleaning software is now available on older GTX graphics cards.

Despite being designed after the newer RTX branding, RTX Voice has been used on older GPUs since its release. Thanks to fan hacks, the service was up and running on non-RTX hardware as well as Windows 7.

RTX Voice on GTX Graphics Cards

The original announcement of RTX Voice was a major part of pushing Nvidia's GPUs away from being just gaming products. Focused on streaming and recording, the audio software uses AI to intelligently remove background noise in real time.

As part of the latest update of Voice, Nvidia has allowed any GPU that runs the 410.18 driver or newer can use the app. The list of devices that can now use the software is vast. Tom’s Hardware explains that the app can now be used on GPUs dating back to the GTX 600-series – they released in 2021.

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What other RTX features don't need RTX?

The RTX feature set is a tad wider than many realise, but most are not tied to RTX GPUs. Just like RTX Voice, most of these features are available for GTX GPUs.

For starters, the killer feature of RTX cards – real-time ray-tracing – is not exclusive to the newer hardware. While not particularly impressive on GTX GPUs, the GTX 10 and GTX 16 series cards can use ray-tracing. It’s a more basic interpretation of the effect, but it’s still real-time.

If anything, the continued porting of RTX features only shows how much life there is left in GTX hardware when given support it needs. There's life in the old dog yet!

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