RTX Remix open beta allows you to easily remaster old PC games with ray-tracing

RTX Remix footage of Half-Life 2 RTX

RTX Remix footage of Half-Life 2 RTX

Nvidia has officially released the open beta for RTX Remix, a tool that allows you to implement ray-tracing and new textures into old PC games.

Already used for games such as Portal RTX, the new Nvidia tool allows DirectX 8 and 9 games with fixed function pipelines to be remastered with ease. This can be as simple as injecting ray-traced lighting into an old title or remastering all of its textures.

Nvidia RTX Remix works by running alongside classic game engines. Whilst playing, a runtime captures the classic games and injects modern remastered assets back into the title. This allows titles to have new looking graphics or even just replace old textures with physically correct ones, giving metal textures a metallic quality when reacting with ray-traced lighting.

A full list of games supporting RTX Remix can be found on ModDB. At the time of writing, compatible titles include Deus Ex, Team Fortress 2, and Oddworld: Munches Oddysey as fully playable. The partially playable list is much bigger including games like GTA: San Andreas, Morrowind, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, F.E.A.R, Fallout 3, and many more.

Official mods using the Nvidia RTX Remix tool are also in the works. Following the success of Portal RTX, a new Half-Life 2 RTX project is being developed. This remaster will use Nvidia’s software to bring a full ray-traced experience to Valve’s iconic PC FPS game.

Even before its beta release, fans were forcing Nvidia RTX Remix into games using DLL files. Just like with the DLSS image reconstruction tool, fans could use existing games’ files to open Remix in old games.

While Remix won’t fix compatibility with newer operating systems like an official remaster would, the software should give fans of classic PC games a chance to experience their favourite titles with a brand-new lick of paint. For starters, we’re going to have to give Morrowind yet another whirl.

The Nvidia RTX Remix beta can be downloaded right here. Nvidia has also provided a Getting Started guide to teach users how to remaster their old games.

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