RTX 4070 Ti Super almost matches RTX 4080 in new benchmark leaks

Gigabyte 4070 Ti Super in front of the 40-Series Super press image
Credit: Nvidia / Gigabyte

Gigabyte 4070 Ti Super in front of the 40-Series Super press image
Credit: Nvidia / Gigabyte

Following the big announcement from CES 2024, and the release of the new 4070 Super, all eyes are on the RTX 4070 Ti Super, which is likely the biggest upgrade on-paper over the GPU it's replacing. And according to new benchmarks, it seems like it's almost at RTX 4080 performance levels.

As the competition for best graphics cards heats up, Nvidia's certainly making some strong arguments on why you should pick up its new GPUs when the 4070 Ti Super release date finally arrives on January 24. It's even better when, in synthetic benchmarks, the 4070 Ti Super is just slightly short of the powerful 4080.

Twitter user Benchleaks found some recent results for the 4070 Ti Super via Geekbench, as spotted by Tom's Hardware. It's worth noting that these are only early tests to see what the 4070 Ti Super is capable of, and is no match for real testing, such as playing some graphically-intensive games, but it is certainly a good indication of what to expect compared to other GPUs, like the aforementioned 4080.

The 4070 Ti Super was tested in a system with an Intel-i9 14900K, alongside 32GB of DDR5-7200 RAM. As Geekbench notes, the GPU has 16GB of VRAM, the same amount found in the 4080 (and the 4080 Super), and an additional 4GB over the original 4070 Ti. In the tests, it's also running at 2640 MHz, with the new GPU receiving an OpenCL score of 229,043, a 10.3% increase from the 4070 Ti's OpenCL score of 204,902.

When put against the RTX 4080, there's only a 6% difference in benchmarks between the 4070 Ti Super and the 4080, with the latter card having an OpenCL score of 240,076. As for the Vulkan benchmarks, the 4070 Ti Super had two results, which ended up with the GPU receiving scores of 192,032 and 222,435. The latter seems like a benchmark with the GPU overclocked, as it is a lot higher than the 4080's 208,667 Vulkan score.

Nevertheless, it gives us a great insight into what the new card is capable of, offering a stronger performance than the original 4070 Ti. Once again, these benchmarks aren't any indication for how the cards will offer in terms of framerate performances in your games, but it's exciting to see.

While Nvidia is bringing out more powerful cards, Team Red is focused on releasing budget cards with the 7600 XT offering double the RAM at a great price. And when the 7600 XT release date arrives, AMD is also releasing new frame generation tech that works on any game. Well, sort of, but it's a lot better than it being proprietary like Nvidia's DLSS.

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