RTX 4000 Super price leaks could lead to AMD price cuts

RTX 4080 in front of an Nvidia press image and an emoji with dollar signs for eyes
Credit: Nvidia

RTX 4080 in front of an Nvidia press image and an emoji with dollar signs for eyes
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia has kept its chokehold on the GPU market share despite a costly line up of RTX 4000 cards in the past year and a half. However, many PC gamers have been turning to AMD, with the recent graphics cards from the company being priced competitively, like the 7900 XTX competing with the powerful 4080, and with the leaked prices of the RTX 4000 Super cards, an AMD GPU might be even more of a worthwhile investment soon.

Leaker Moore's Law is Dead has recently shared a new video on YouTube that shares the potential prices for Nvidia's refresh of the 40-series cards ahead of the possible 4070 Super release date, alongside the rumoured 4080 Super and 4070 Ti Super. In the video, the leaker gives details from three sources, one of which puts the MSRP of the 4080 Super at only $999, $200 below the original card's MSRP.

If this is true, this puts it in direct competition with AMD's most powerful graphics card, the 7900 XTX, which also has an MSRP of $999. Considering AMD is still behind Nvidia in users, the company is likely to make price cuts accordingly in an attempt to compete. Moore's Law is Dead does suggest in the above video that the 7900 XTX may be fine, but at the very least, the 7900 XT likely needs a price cut to compete.

The same source suggests that the 4070 Super and 4070 Ti Super will have MSRPs of $599 and $799 respectively, while the second source shares that the 4080 Super could be $999 as well, or potentially $1,199 similar to the original card. If you're looking for one of the cheaper RTX 4000 Super GPUs, it might worth putting some money to the side for the best gaming monitors as well.

In the same video, Moore's Law is Dead also discusses some performance leaks. All three cards will see performance boosts compared to the non-Super variants, of course, but the biggest upgrade seems to be the 4070 Ti Super, which sees a roughly 22% upgrade in performance, at least on paper.

The prices and specs of each Super card will likely be announced by Nvidia at CES 2024, with a keynote announced for January 8. We're excited to see what the final results look like, and hopefully, the cards perform excellently both on paper and in PCs.

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