Robots "powered by soft skills" could apparently be "future business leaders"

Let's be honest, we've all had managers that aren't the best.

Whether your manager was someone who treated you poorly, stole credit for your work, didn't do any of their own work, drew on your PC monitor with a pen for some reason, or literally any of the thousand other possible complaints you could have about them, you likely know one that didn't really feel like a good choice.

What if there was another way, then? What if we bowed down to some robot overlords instead? It could actually be a good thing, because the machines apparently have great 'soft skills'!

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Robots could be the future

According to Dr Jamie Gloor et al in The European Business Review, robots might be the future when it comes to managerial roles in businesses.

"AI-powered robots are already effortlessly taking over some management roles in notable organizations. For example, Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater, openly discussed the “Book of the Future” they were developing to provide employees with “GPS-like directions” throughout the day, including how they should spend their time down to details like making a phone call."

That might sound a little off-putting, but the key thing here is that the robots are still growing, and a big part of that growth means that the robots need to learn soft skills.

"AI-driven technology increasingly rivals people on soft skills touted as uniquely human. Take emotional intelligence. iMotions has developed an algorithm that can read human emotions through facial expressions, and Sophia, an AI-powered humanoid robot (sometimes assisted by humans) can observe and understand human emotions – and even react by expressing emotions of her own."

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Why is this so important?

Nobody likes to be told what to do without some kind of understanding or empathy.

Just doing as you're told is something that a lot of people inherently push against, perhaps because deep-down we're all still going through a rebellious phase.

Soft skills are the things that will humanise the robots and make them more #relatable. "Robot managers may risk making workers feel like they are ‘just a number’, but with soft skills, robots may seem more human and avoid this issue. Robot humour could also improve the results of machine leadership."

So yeah, it's time to look forward to having robots in charge. We're in favour of it.

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