Robot Medics are the next big military experiment; will they work?

Over the past few years, military robots have been promoted only for violence. However, a new development has resulted in robot medics that will only be used for healing.

In the past two years, we’ve seen robot dogs with rifles attached to their backs. One-upping the rifle dogs, the Russian military recently unveiled a version with an RPG equipped.

Now, researchers are working on creating military medic reboots that can be controlled with remote virtual reality. These robots are designed to be used to heal soldiers without risking more human soldiers.

Via Engadget, University of Sheffield scientists are actively working on the remote robotic technology. Based on current medical robots, the tools would be able to detect vitals and perform basic field surgeries.

The use of VR-controlled robots as military medics is one of the more acceptable forms of warfare robotics. With these tools, troops wouldn’t have to risk the lives of human medics to retrieve and patch up injured friendlies.

“Developing a remotely-operated robotic system would significantly improve safety by reducing the amount of danger military personnel are exposed to on the frontline,” said team co-lead Sanja Dogramadzi. “Our platform uses the latest technology and would integrate it in a way that hasn't been done before."

The most impressive factor of this medical robot is the fact that it’s completely controlled by VR movement. We’ve seen VR-controlled robots before, with Japan using the technology to control huge mechs for construction.

If these medical robots have enough fine control, they could be used for complex surgeries. However, this would require extremely low latency and very accurate control to be as effective as a human medic.

Warfare robotics are a controversial emerging technology, but it’s one that we’re stuck with. As America and Russia are unwilling to give up its killer robots, the United Nations can’t regulate the technology worldwide.

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