Robot CEO takes over Chinese Metaverse company

As Chinese robotics gets more advanced with humanoid helpers such as Xiaomi CyberOne, more uses for robots are being found. Case in point, a robot CEO has been hired by a Chinese tech company.

Chinese company overtaken by Robot CEO

Reported by Metro, Chinese Metaverse company NetDragon Websoft has appointed a robot CEO. As expected, this is the first time that an executive position has been held by a machine. 

Named Ms. Tang Yu, the robotic executive is an AI-powered robot. This robot will not just be a marketing buzz, but will actually be involved in business decisions for NetDragon.

The Robot CEO will be in charge of the company’s organizational and efficiency department’. This means that the AI will be overseeing the efficiency of individual projects and employees.

“We believe AI is the future of corporate management,“ says NetDragon chairman Dr. Dejian Liu. “Our appointment of Ms Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business, and ultimately drive our future strategic growth.”

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A CEO that’s useful?

As it turns out, NetDragon’s CEO may actually be more useful than many human CEOs. Not only will the robot be cheaper than the millions human CEOs get, but they actually have uses.

For example, the AI will act as a real-time data hub and analytical tool for employees. Furthermore, the robot’s daily decision making and effective risk management system for the company.

Nevertheless, the idea of a robot governing an entire company is very dystopian. The tropes of cyberpunk are further blending into reality with bizarro announcements like this, and that’s only going to continue.

NetDragon seems confident that this new automaton will serve to better the company. Only time will tell if this prediction ends up true.

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