Roblox employees will now have their job interviews inside the game

Roblox employees will now have their job interviews inside the game

Roblox employees will now have their job interviews inside the game

New employees working on the massively popular video game platform Roblox will now have their job interviews conducted inside the game. That’s right: if you thought the idea of Metaverse meetings were bad, you’ve seen nothing yet.

To facilitate this wild new idea, the company has officially opened its “Roblox Career Center”. The virtual office has been described as an “immersive experience where you can learn about” the platform inside the platform.

The company explains that the new career platform will be essential in helping new employees learn about the intricacies of Roblox. In a recent blog post, vice president of talent acquisition Jason Buss explained that it will not only help Roblox fans come to the company, but also help newcomers get to grips with the platform.

Inside the Career Center, there’s also a virtual Podcast Lounge. This virtual environment will include “Tech Talk” podcasts which will teach employees useful skills. There’s also a library filled with documents, books and more.

“While ideal from an engagement standpoint, traditional in-person recruiting has its limitations. There are only so many universities and prospective candidates that our recruiting team can engage with in person,” Buss said. “The Roblox Career Center enables us to reach early career candidates across the world — eliminating geographic constraints from the recruiting process and avoiding all that’s lacking in static recruiting approaches, such as web pages and video conferencing meetings.”

As one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world, Roblox is still growing larger. With the introduction of adult content experiences, the platform is also attempting to expand outside of its young audience and into a more general demographic.

Roblox is currently only available on Xbox, PC and mobile, but the platform is also still attempting to release on PlayStation. While not confirmed, a PlayStation 5 Roblox port is allegedly in the works after finally getting permission from Sony.

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