RizzGPT aims to help losers talk to a woman for the first time in their lives

A new tool for the AI future, dating assistant RizzGPT has been released to help tongue-tied love-seekers talk to another human being.

Developed by student engineers at Stanford University, the cringily-titled RizzGPT aims to project the correct responses to say during a date into a pair of AR Smart Glasses.

Using smart glasses like NReal Air or some other alternative, the AI service listens to a date’s voice and generates responses on the fly to try and win their heart.

Created using OpenAI’s GPT-4 neural net as well as Whisper, RizzAI connects to Monocle Smart Glasses to display the generative responses.

Currently, the technology is a tad unoptimised. For example, the Smart Glasses’ microphone sends audio to a phone over Bluetooth which processes the audio via Whisper and generates a response with GPT-4. After that, the response is sent back to the glasses.

On Twitter, one of the scientists behind the AR dating tool shared a short video of it in action. The example video showed the tool being used for a faux job interview, generating responses to each of the interviewer’s questions.

“Say goodbye to awkward dates and job interviews,” the tweet reads. “We made rizzGPT -- real-time Charisma as a Service (CaaS)! It listens to your conversation and tells you exactly what to say next.”

Unfortunately, RizzGPT is not exactly suave in its sole example shown online. In fact, the responses generated for the example job interview are rather stilted. As someone who has conducted a number of job interviews, I definitely would not hire them — but that’s a just a personal preference.

As a comedic gag, RizzGPT is funny, but the issue is that AI-assisted dating is already becoming a widespread phenomenon. Dating profiles on Hinge, Tinder and more already use ChatGPT to fill out bios in a way that they assume potential partners will life.

However, as many will state, relationships are reliant on communication. If you’re using an AI chatbot to talk in your stead: 1) what’s the point? 2) How long do you think that’ll last you?

While AI chatbots are already a massive cause for contention in places like Hollywood, the simpler uses of the technology are not only weird, but also confusing. After all, an AI’s words aren’t your own and if a potential partner is enjoying the AI well, then, that’s what they’re dating, not you.

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