Return to Silent Hill movie finds its James Sunderland

return to silent hill movie finds its james sunderland
Credit: Konami

return to silent hill movie finds its james sunderland
Credit: Konami

The upcoming Return to Silent Hill movie has cast its James Sunderland, which means filming could be starting soon. With new games in the series coming and an official casting for the new movie, it’s good to be a Silent Hill fan right now.

According to Deadline, Jeremy Irvine will be portraying James Sunderland for this horror movie revival. Irvine had previously starred in 2011’s War Horse and 2018’s Mama Mia! Here We Go Again, which is an interesting resume, to say the least. Then again, this movie is being made with very interesting circumstances. Some (me, the editor) think Irvine is far too attractive to play Sunderland, but that could be a matter of taste.

Hannah Emily Anderson has also been cast for Return to Silent Hill, though her role hasn’t been revealed. Since the movie is based on Silent Hill 2, Anderson could be playing James’ late wife Mary or Maria, a stranger who also stumbled upon the mysterious town. Either way, we’re really interested in seeing this adaptation of the classic horror title.

Return to Silent Hill was announced during the Silent Hill Transmission showcase, revealing that the movie will be directed by Christoph Ganes. For those unaware, Games previously directed the 2006 Silent Hill movie, which is something of a cult classic now.

Joined alongside the movie announcement was the reveal that Silent Hill 2 would be getting a remake, exclusive to PlayStation 5. Most fans will tell you that the tale of James Sunderland is the best in this horror franchise, hence, excitement for the remake. As for the movie, fans are being cautious since we’re not out of the video game adaptation funk yet.

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Hopefully, with HBO’s The Last of Us setting the groundwork for live-action video game adaptations, we get something similar with Return to Silent Hill. Keeping the same director as the 2006 movie has us a bit concerned but here’s hoping they prove us wrong.

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