Red Dead Redemption 2 8K gameplay is fully playable on Nvidia GPUs

It wasn't that long ago that 4K gaming was a pipe dream. However, as graphics cards continue to grow in power, 4K is becoming more mainstream. With 4K now commonly achievable, eyes are primed at the next benchmark: 8K gaming. Well... that's also been achieved with Red Dead Redemption 2 8K gaming.

Red Dead Redemption 2 8K gameplay

In a report by Techradar, games journalist Matt Hanson attempted to push Nvidia's RTX 3090 to its limits. Despite launching almost three years ago, Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 is a graphical powerhouse on both PC and console.

At 4K, the Red Dead sequel is perfectly playable, but that's last generation's performance benchmark. To truly test Nvidia's latest GPU, Hanson wanted Red Dead Redemption 2 8K gameplay at a playable framerate.

At first, the game ran shockingly well, but not exactly well enough to play comfortably. At the highest graphical settings at 4320p, the game hit 25.3fps on average. While still “playable" that level of performance isn't really ideal. However, that's where Nvidia's DLSS comes in.

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DLSS is King

Using Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling, Red Dead Redemption 8K is not only possible, but playable. Furthermore, DLSS tests have often shown the machine learning software handing in better image clarity than native resolutions.

In Hanson's report, the software's auto setting boosted the games performance exponentially. On average, the game was hitting 50fps. On the quality setting, the game ran at an average of 34.4fps. Locking the game at 30fps would make this a perfectly playable experience.

With the power of machine learning, super resolutions are now possible in real-time. If rival versions of Nvidia's software manage to release to the same degree of quality, would native res rendering take a back seat?

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