Real-life jetpacks have been sold to an “undisclosed military” in South-East Asia

For decades now, jetpacks are one of the holy grails of sci-fi tech. Right next to flying cars, the idea of commercial backpack with jet propulsion is as futuristic as it comes. While the present doesn't currently offer the jetpack of our dreams, real-life versions of the sci-fi tech are currently available. However, they're not for you.

Jetpacks acquired by an unknown military

Reported by New Atlas, Californian startup company JetPack Aviation is selling real-life jetpacks to a military. Priced at $400,000 per unit, two JB-12 jetpacks are reportedly being sold to “undisclosed military customer in South-East Asia”

Via the company, the device is maneuvered with six jet turbines, three on each side. Using these miniature turbines, the rocket-powered backpack is capable of reaching speeds close to 120 mph. However, it also weighs a massive 105 pounds.

New Atlas notes that the device is “ear-splittingly loud”. Additionally, the jetpacks are hard to put on and take off and require buckets of water to cool upon landing. This means that they're not the most practical devices to use in military procedures.

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 The start of something new

JetPack Aviation’s sale of two jetpacks shows a trend for the future. The United States military has been looking into rocket-propelled backpacks for a while; they've also been looking into anti-aging. In the future, as technology expands, tech of this kind will likely become an internal part of military arsenals.

However, could and should this technology ever become available to the general public? Likely not. A lot of people frequently crash cars; should they own a 120mph flying rocket?

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